Sustainable Canola

Europe is the prime export destination market for Australian canola, at times buying up to 80% of Australia’s exports. The European demand is founded on the suitability of canola as a feedstock for the European biodiesel industry.

The European Union impose specific sustainability requirements for energy feedstocks used to replace fossil fuels, and Australian canola growers need to adhere to these requirements if their canola is to be exported to Europe for biodiesel.

To ensure Australian canola meets EU sustainability requirements, the grower and parts of the supply chain are required to be certified as meeting the requirements. In Australia, most canola is certified under a scheme called ISCC.

To make compliance easier for growers, the Australian Oilseed Federation (AOF) has established a Central Office to simplify and streamline the paperwork and audit requirements for growers and traders. The Central Office, or process is called ‘Sustainable Grain Australia’, or SGA.

If you want to sell grain to one of the Sustainable Grain Australia participants for the European market you need to complete an SGA ‘Grower Sustainability Declaration’ using the NGR system.

To do this, log into my NGR, select the EDOCS tab and follow the prompts. (Paper based ISCC Declarations will not be accepted). Assistance can be sought from the NGR Service Centre team on 1800 556 630.

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