Grain Storage Options

ADM Port Pirie - A new delivery option for the Upper-Mid North

ADM Trading Australia Pty Ltd (ADM) is proud to offer grain producers of the Upper-Mid North region of South Australia a new receival option for the 2020 harvest.

Located approximately 8km’s south of the regional city of Port Pirie, ADM’s new grain storage facility will be receiving wheat and barley from the 1st of October 2020.

To find out more, please contact ADM Direct on 1300 123 236.

Grower Portal

If you are unsure of your login details, please contact ADM Direct on 1300 123 236.

Opening Hours

The site will reopen for harvest receivals in October 2020.

Site Communications

To sign up to receive site information on text message, please call either the site manager, or ADM Direct (1300 123 236).

Warehouse Agreement

Growers delivering to ADM Port Pirie are required to complete the ADM Storage and Handling (Warehouse) Agreement. The full terms and conditions can be found by clicking on the link ADM Storage and Handling (Warehouse) Terms and Conditions.

Site Manager

Kevin Brice
0438 630 495

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