Grain Marketing

ADM purchases wheat, barley, canola, sorghum and pulses from Australian farmers, coordinates the logistics and delivers the product direct to both domestic and international customers.


Cash prices are available daily and are quoted (exclusive of GST) by State for a range of commodities.

Private Warehouse Program

The ADM Private Warehouse Program (PWP) aims to reward the grower for the investment made in the good quality on farm storage. Designed on international principles, the ADM PWP promotes best practice and the correct storage behaviour, assists in developing an efficient supply chain, and aligns our members with a global grain marketer with multiple marketing options, with the benefit of providing on farm payment for their grain.

For more information, please contact your nearest ADM Grain Accumulation Manager.

Forward Contracts

Forward contracts featuring both fixed grade and multi-grade (fixed or floating grade spreads) options are available for wheat and barley. Fixed grade contracts are also available for other commodities including Sustainable Canola and Sorghum.

It is imperative growers fully understand all contractual terms of the contracts they are entering into (irrespective of who the marketer is).

Port and Site Contracts (offered in South Australia, Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland)

A port contract is priced based on “the natural terminal port” (NTP) less the GTA location differential back to the site at which the grain is delivered. You have the option to deliver to any site within the designated port zone except the port itself (except for SA where direct port deliveries are accepted by the bulk handler).

A site contract is as the name suggests. You have the option to deliver to a specific site at a specific price.

Both port and site prices are quoted exclusive of GST, have NIL TOLERANCE on tonnage, and in South Australia Viterra’s monthly warehousing fees are deducted from the your payment starting the month after delivery.

Porti (or Free in Store) Contracts (offered in WA only)

Similar to a “port” contract, Porti (or port inclusive) means the receival fee at port is included in the price. Therefore the seller is responsible for the CBH upcountry receival fee and freight to port. This will be invoiced separately by CBH.

Ex-farm and delivered end-user contracts (all states)

Due to ADM’s presence in the domestic and export markets, we can provide pricing options for grain stored on farm on either an ex-farm or delivered basis. Purchased on a buyers call basis (meaning the buyer will call for delivery when it is required), ADM will arrange and pay for the freight (ex farm) or alternatively you can arrange and pay for delivery (delivered end user / delivered market zone). GTA Tolerance (+/- 5% or 12Mt which ever is the lesser), applies on all ex farm or delivered end-user contracts.

Terms and conditions

This information is intended for general information only and should be read in conjunction with the ADM’s Standard Terms and Conditions.

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